Why aren’t recruiters reaching out to me after I apply?

Often when you’re in job search, you can end up at a table all by yourself. What do I mean by this? You see a job posting on Indeed or LinkedIn, and you are very excited about it because it’s a perfect fit. That is exciting – right?! You apply, sit back in your chair and are sure you’ll hear back. So, you wait for the employer to reach out to you.

And ‘wait’ you will…! You may not be aware that for every job that is posted there is an average of 250+ applicants. That’s a lot of applicants! And your resume usually won’t even reach a ‘live recruiter’ unless it makes it through the ATS (computerized Applicant Tracking System) based on keywords in your resume that match the keywords in the job description.

So, with all the excitement you have inside thinking you’re a great fit…your resume may be asleep at the wheel (when it comes to keywords), while other resumes are rising to the top. So, be sure to focus on ‘keywords’ located in the job description to set your resume apart for both the ATS and the ‘live reader.’

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