Not a fit? What should I do now?

It’s such a disappointment to hear back from an employer telling you that you’re not a fit for a position, or they decided to move in another direction after you felt you did so well on your interviews.

It happens, and you must move on to the next steps in your search. But, something important to do before you move on is ensuring that you are also growing and nurturing your network—even in disappointing times. Send a nice note back to the recruiter thanking the team for their time and consideration, and if you have not already connected with on LinkedIn, let them know you will reach out to do so. Additionally, let the recruiter know that if s/he hears of any other opportunities from a colleague to feel free to provide them with your contact information.

This does 3 positive things for you:

  1. Leaves a good impression with the recruiter and the team;
  2. Provides you with a new connection;
  3. Leaves the door open for referrals to new opportunities and connections.

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