Ditch Your Generic Resume in 2017—and beyond…

Generic, or ‘one-size-fits-all’ resumes are completely out of date, so stop trying to fit everything but the kitchen sink on your resume hoping the employer/recruiter will sit back with a cup of tea to read all about you. It will never happen.

You’ve got to get specific…real specific. In fact, a 2015 human research study showed that the average attention span of a human is 8 seconds (compared to a goldfish, which has 9 seconds!) And when you’re trying to get your resume to impress an employer, so they will contact you, you’ve only got about 6 seconds to grab them and keep them reading. Here are 3 tips to help you grasp their attention span for longer than a goldfish.

  1. Analyze each employer’s position’s specific needs.
  2. Make sure your resume reflects your expertise based on the employer needs.
  3. Ensure you have a strong marketing area that reflects critical position specific keywords.

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