Increase Your Career Satisfaction

Everyone deserves to thrive in a career that suits their lifestyle, interests, and needs. Discovering ways that you can make a significant contribution can help you achieve greater career momentum and increased career satisfaction; key components to your career and life success. Only by tapping into your inner motivations, strengths, and values can you put this momentum into action around your career. Here are 3 ways to begin your personal discovery process:

  1. Who you are: Get clear on who you are; your strengths and the value-add you bring to the employer. What is your knowledge, what are your skills, what are your positive traits? How do you like to work? What are your values? What are the common themes in the roles you’ve held that have helped you feel good and perform well in your work?
  2. What you want: Spend time reviewing and understanding your work style preferences. What kind of work do you like to do? Are you set on a particular location, or in need of specific benefits?  Ignoring your preferences means that you will find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to be satisfied in a job.
  3. What you offer: An effective way to glean a new perspective is to look at job description postings. See what employers are looking for that you know how to perform. This is not a point where you are looking for a specific position, but are using general descriptions to flush out the abilities you have that you could offer an employer. These postings will list what they want someone to do, but they will also list the abilities that they will be looking for in an individual.


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